LanguageTool is an source that is open grammar solution and a proofreading program for individuals and businesses.

The software helps users find and fix grammatical and stylistic issues in their materials that are written. The perfect solution is is notable for performing error detection in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Polish and Russian.

LanguageTool allows users to incorporate words to a personal dictionary. It could be added as a browser extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. For those who are shopping for speed, LanguageTool provides keyboard shortcuts to be able to proofread their text quicker.

As an source that is open solution, LanguageTool is well sustained by a lively community that keeps the program as much as date with evolving technologies.

Why wouldn’t you choose LanguageTool?

  1. Multiple language support. The thing that makes LanguageTool a writing that is compelling is its capability to check grammar and spelling in 31 languages. And it also does this without compromising effectivity.
  2. Personal dictionary in every language. An integral feature of LanguageTool is its personal dictionary it supports that you can fully customize and expand with entries from all the languages. This fully expands the spelling and grammar capabilities of LanguageTool in almost any language that you choose to focus on. Words added to the dictionary that is personal treated as exceptions to LanguageTool’s grammar and spelling visit this link rules. Rules so you can focus only on the ones you actually require that you don’t need you can easily disable.
  3. Use as stand-alone, extension or add-on. You might use LanguageTool as an add-on or extension for Firefox, Chrome, Google Docs, LibreOffice, or Microsoft Word. The MS Word add-on enables users to directly check their text in Word. Users might find highlighted incorrect entries and additionally they could simply click a suggested correction to replace the ones that are original.


PaperRater is a proofreading that is web-based that helps you enhance your writing and aids language teachers in reviewing their students’ materials. The automated tool makes utilization of Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Computational Linguistics, and Data Mining to perform comprehensive grammar, spelling, and plagiarism scans which can be said to be at par with reviews conducted by professional editors.

Once you’re prepared to determine if everything you’ve written is really worth full publication or the trash bin, PaperRater may well be more than happy to get it done for your needs. Also it does so in seconds, using those technologies that are powerful above to quickly scan for grammatical and spelling errors so that you can score your output. You may use its plagiarism checker to save lots of you the possibility embarrassment of somebody else claiming original credit for a hefty chunk of the work.

Why should you choose PaperRater?

  1. Accurate feedback. You will need to go deeper in to the mystery of the score, and PaperRater gives you that capability via its feedback tool, that will help you break up which areas in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and others you’ll want to further work on, along side providing other helpful tips to fashion out a better writer away from you.
  2. Rein in plagiarism. PaperRater’s Plagiarism Detector makes the the majority of the massive indexes associated with major the search engines to conduct extensive scan and single out copied sections. The machine is robust, practically helping you save from potential professional disgrace and legal troubles.
  3. Flexible plans and pricing. The premium package allows a larger submissions per month, lessens restriction on number of plagiarism checks per month, gives you an ad-free version, enhanced plagiarism checker, faster processing, and other advanced features you will need while the basic version of PaperRater will give you functional capabilities.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor specifically targets run-on sentences and adjectives, passive voice, and adverbs, among others. The app is very easy and clean to edit which tells us someone spent time creating this app. It detects the presence of adverbs, hard-to-read sentences, complex words or phrases, and voice that is passive a text.

You have a lot to gain by accessing Hemingway Editor online, or by simply installing the stand-alone desktop version if you have a strange tendency to use wordy sentences, drive away readers by employing dull or complicated words, have a standing fetish for adverbs and unhealthy fascination with passive voice.

Why wouldn’t you choose Hemingway Editor?

  1. Make your work that is written inviting read. When you run the application, Hemingway rises through the grave, scores your work, and admonishes you where you have got all of it wrong with regards to your cloudy style that is writing reliance on overly complex words and phrases, and suggests using powerful words instead of weakening adverbs and overly flat and passive voice all over your manuscript—all using color-coded highlights.
  2. Forget about copy-pasting between text editors. If you’re among those who hate the process that is tedious of between text editors, Hemingway enables you to skip complexity and import text directly from Microsoft Word as well as other word processing programs. In addition it works one other way: you can opt to save your output as PDF or MS Word document file once you are done.
  3. Free or pay a low price. You can access Hemingway online at no cost. For the stand-alone application you have to pay $19.99 and beyond that, for enterprise packages, you can easily contact the application form creators.

ProWritingA >

That you need as an editing companion and a writing coach if you are any type of writer—fiction, academic, business, or content writer—ProWritingAid aspires to be all. To the end, ProWritingAid developers designed that it is the only manuscript editing software that covers grammar, contextual spelling, and punctuation.

Why should you choose ProWritingA >

Ninth on our best 20 writing enhancement software programs is, a free grammar that is online to be used by students and professional writers. Simple to use and straightforward, the proofreading and editing software checks English texts for grammar mistakes, spelling, errors, and issues that are stylistic.

Developed using some text analysis programs: Hunspell, DICTION, and Language Tool, provides a web page with a simple design where users can go into the text they want to proofread. In just a click that is single of button, then highlights the errors and issues into the text.

Why should you choose

  1. Powerful engine. Within the straightforward appearance of is power that is processing is capable of spitting out results highlighting spelling errors, basic grammar mistakes, in addition to suggestions to improve content via alternative vocabulary and sentence structure.
  2. Look, no trace. That you submit within half an hour in case you harbor some creepy feeling someone is stealing your original ideas if you are a worrywart, the application destroys every content.
  3. For free. is completely free—all you may need is a stable connection that is internet. Also, has program counterparts various other languages that are major German, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian.


SpellCheckPlus is an grammar that is online spelling checker designed for students that are using English because their second language. Teacher- and student-friendly, the application is designed to help students identify errors inside their writing, study on their mistakes, and write better in English.

SpellCheckPlus has a free of charge and a paid version. The version that is free of tool allows students to submit text for checking up to at the most 2,000 characters at any given time. Beyond this text length limit, they could purchase SpellCheckPlus Pro, the paid type of the tool which provides more complex features.

Why should you choose SpellCheckPlus?

  1. Patience to understand. SpellCheckPlus is careful never to overwhelm students with excessive errors, allowing users to correct one error at a time. It’s about process-based learning, a teaching strategy wherein students figure out how to solve problems or dilemmas detail by detail.
  2. Explain, teach. Key to SpellCheckPlus is doing your best with its features to spell out to the students why they have been committing grammar and spelling mistakes and directing them how to handle it to address those mistakes.
  3. Versions. SpellCheckPlus is free only as much as 2000 characters. It is really not adequate to check most documents, but enough to alert you which you might like to glance at your piece of writing once again. The paid version that removes restriction can be had for $14.99 best for year’s use. It provides detailed summary of errors. Even then, you shall be well advised to simply accept only those suggestions that produce logical sense.